Special Mentions

Willis Boat Works is a unique builder of Custom Carolina yachts. A family owned and operated business since 1918, we are the founders of the Carolina Flare. At Willis, we have prided ourselves in building only the highest quality yachts, complete with beautiful lines, rock solid construction, outstanding seaworthy hulls with that amazing Carolina bow. At Willis, your ideas and dreams can become a reality in a Custom Carolina Sportfishing yacht, Express, Charter, Party or Pleasure boats ranging from 20 feet to 80 feet. There is no mass production of more than 3 yachts at a time to increase the attention to detail of each project by our highly experienced craftsmen. Each yacht is custom designed and built to the customer's specifications, whilst never compromising our unashamedly high levels of quality.

Creator of Carolina Flare

For 99 years Willis Boat Works have been custom making the finest boats possible. The family are the direct relatives of the original designer of the world famous "Carolina flare" and have been perfecting the art form for generations. Designed to slice through the angriest sea and keep the occupants completely dry, Willis' custom Carolina boats are perfect for sportsfishing around the world in true comfort while delivering optimal performance. Each boat is light yet incredibly strong, with an amazing design that delivers outstanding speed and fuel efficiency in all conditions.

Captain Hook - 30,000+ Billfish!

Willis Boat Works built arguably the most productive billfishing boat the world has ever seen when it created the Captain Hook. This boat pioneered fisheries, including Guatemala, where legendary captain Ron Hamlin trained the now famous Eddie Bairez and together caught more than 30,000 billfish. The Captain Hook continues to produce unbelievable numbers of sailfish and many blue marlin to the delight of clients from around the world. As noted by Ron who has fished on almost every famous sportfishing brand in the world, the Captain Hook raises more fish than any other boat he's been on. It's all round performance and great design of course then allowed this Willis custom to catch more billfish than any other boat!

Old School - Fiberglass production

Willis' "Old School" boats are production fiberglass beauties that really capture the imagination. Designed for optimal performance whilst maintaining the traditional look, the Old Schools are developing a big following.